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                 Department --- Where Are They Now --- April, 2009. 

                                                                          Back in 1978, the first casino opened in Atlantic City. It was called Resorts International Hotel & Casino.  
                                                                                            I remember that you had to wear a suit jacket to be allowed in. The town was jumping. The lights, the glitter,
                                                                                            the music, the showgirls and who could forget the front line personnel -- The Casino Games Dealer.

                                                                                                     The dealer is the guy / gal who stands proud at their table giving you a warm welcome. They called you by 
                                                                                             name when they got to know you and made you feel part of the family. When I first started as a casino games 
                                                                                             dealer in the back rooms in Manhattan and Staten Island We learned the dealing skills of Blackjack and Dice [Craps].
                                                                                             We made $500 per night which was good money for a kid with a high school education. After getting my Bachelors
                                                                                             Degree, I chose to work for the big named casinos that were legal and had it all. I wanted to become a boss and run 
                                                                                              the show. 

                   However, first needed was to acquire a casino license in New Jersey, which was not easy. First you go thru a requirement background check 
                 with the State Departments that all employees must submit to for any position in the industry. They are very tedious in their inspection. Next, go to
                 a casino games dealer school. Here you will learn the proper methods of dealing from professionals in the field. There were 3 schools which to choose 

                   Choosing Casino Careers Institute, was where I would receive my primary games certificates in Blackjack, Dice,  Roulette,  Pai Gow Poker,Baccarat 
                 plus secondary games such as, Let it Ride, Carribbean Stud, 3 Card Poker, Sic-Bo, Big Six , Spanish 21, Multi-Action 21, Boston 5, Double Exposure 21,
                 Texas Hold'em, Omaha, 7 Card Stud and Red Dog. 

                   All of my games were taught to me by SAL PIACENTE - SALTHEHITMAN.COM who is an extreme professional in all casino games. He works as
                 consultant to casinos around the country to teach surveillance personnel the scams to make their jobs more effective in catching the cheat. He
                 taught me how to spot the player or dealer who was compromising the games from a supervisor point of view.

                   From there I did my first audition, [ That's where you show off your skills to management on live games ], which went great. My first year, I
                 asked lots of questions to my supervisors who were trained by the Las Vegas group that came there to jump start the casino and put Atlantic City on
                 the map of heavy contenders in the industry. They were happy to tell you all you wanted to know about the business. The wide variety of people was
                 endless. Merv Griffin ,  the casino owner, had his game show auditions there and the celebrities were very common. Tony Danza was my first of

                    I went to work some years later for Donald Trump's ,Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino where I took my honed skills and  knowledge and became a
                 supervisor in the Roulette Pit and Asian Pit mainly. I stayed there for many years and took up additional work at the fabulous Caesers Palace   right
                 next door as a 4 am till noon dealer then back to Trumps from 1 pm till 9 pm supervising. 

                   After moving to Florida in 2004, I helped open the SEMINOLE Hard Rock in Hollywood as a Pitboss/Supervisor in the poker room. Casino gaming
                 has been good to me, brushing elbows with celebrities, to the opportunities of achieving knowledge and corporate status. I would not have had the
                 opportunities if I had stayed in the back rooms hustling the buck. 

                   Today I am the proud owner of Casino Careers Institute in Oakland Park, Florida. I enjoy sharing my acquired knowledge and skills with
                 individuals who also have similar desires. Todays dealers are making upwards of 75k or more per year. To become part of the next generation of
                 casino dealer,  call or stop in to set your new career in motion. 

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